Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Set Progress!

I holed myself up for two days to make some leeway on sets. They're definitely coming along. Only working on the interior rocket and interior observatory for now.

First, the finished telescope, table and stool!

My makeshift work area...

Inside the rocket!

I changed the spacing of the control panel keys, but you get the idea!

close up of type writer "keys" as his control panel

Color of the observatory...It's going to be aged more. I just need to figure out whats going on inside first. Ha.

And Otto with his head finally cast! Just need to refine the seams and then finish his outfit!


  1. INCREDIBLE!!! what'd you make the telescope, table, etc. out of?! Great work!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks, Debra! I made them out of wood pieces I've collected from kit kraft and michael's. Then painted them!