Sunday, November 14, 2010

Project Otto Storyboards: Round 2

I've revised the storyboard so that there is more movement within the shots. I think it's adding a lot of depth to the story!

We move through test tubes...
Over a moon rock...
And crates...
To Otto, who is writing down observations in his journal.
He takes a sip of water
Sets the glass down
And grabs a moon locket on his desk.
Finally removes his eye from the telescope to look at it.
A moment of reminiscence.
We dissolve on a match cut to 10-year-old Otto's hand.
Pannig up, we see Diana under a tree twisting a flower.
Otto gives her the moon locket.
We rotate around the tree...
And see Otto and Diana reading an astronomy book
Panning right we now see Otto and Diana playing with a make believe rocket.
Close on a sign that reads:
We pan up to Diana's face in the "rocket" looking at Otto
And "blast off!"
We pan up with Diana's jump to the starry sky.
And pan back down/zoom out to see Otto and Diana star gazing
Dissolve back to the moon locket
Otto sets it down and starts writing: "It's been 70 years since my parents told me..."
"Diana was sick and went to the moon to get better."
"I have searched for years." (Otto flips through the astronomy book.)
"But this is my last attempt to find her" (Otto crosses Diana's name off the rocket).
And we pan up to the starry sky
(And zoom out/down to Otto star gazing alone)"I'm going to the dark side of the moon."
We dissolve back to Otto signing his name "Otto Albertovich Numerov, 1918"
He sets the pen down.
With effort, Otto gets up from his chair.
Walks across the room
Through a door...
Otto flips switches and pushes buttons inside the rocket.
He pauses for a moment to look at the sign that used to be on his and Diana's play rocket.
And blast off!
We pan down as the rocket goes up...
To a graveyard where Diana's name is engraved.

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